Busted! Don’t Believe These Video Production Myths!

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If your company requires a video to help promote products or services, a video production company is a place to go. The process is not as simple though, as video productions need a script and a team to execute the script. If you are working with a professional team, they should ideally have their in-house scriptwriters and videographers. Freelance videographers don’t write scripts or storyboards. Additionally, an impressive web video often needs animation or motion graphic elements. Sometimes videos also need a professional voice-over narration or perhaps an on-camera presenter. A video production company has the resources to record your script in a professional studio environment. Video production can sometimes be complex, but there are experienced video production teams that can help from concept to final delivery.

In most cases, the company that you are considering working with listens to your requirements and tells you the best way that they can execute them. They generally offer solutions as well, and if they cannot execute certain aspects, they inform the client, with workarounds to solve the issue.

If you plan on getting some video editing work done, here are three video production myths to stay away from.

Myth 1: Everything happens as quickly as you see it, as though what you are watching in real-time
On the contrary, it can take hours, sometimes days, to produce even a two-minute video that you see. We walk you through every step of the production process as though you are a part of the team. Not only does this ensure a smooth outcome, but it puts your mind at ease knowing the product you receive will exceed expectations.

Myth 2: It is as cheap as taking videos on your iPhone and merging them
When it comes to a thorough creation using some high-end levels of production, it takes more manpower, creative skills, technical skills, and general care than whipping out an iPhone and hitting a button. We implement all of the above-listed assets to deliver an outstanding end product.

Myth 3: It is easy and cost-effective to change certain elements post edit
The customer often believes that it is simple to go back to one part, as small as it may be, and make a change when the reality is that the entire production must be altered to fit their needs. Although this certainly can be achieved, the myth here is the cost and time associated with such changes will significantly increase, and the client should be willing to accommodate it.

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